raceclub is a social racing platform for motorsport fans.
Check your results, compare with your friends, organize challenges.

raceclub works with any karting track (rental or racing) using
kartingmanager software. If your favorite track is not using our app yet - feel free to let us know and we will contact them. You can reach us at info@raceclubapp.com


How it works

  1. You had to register at every track that you have visited
  2. Now you get one app to check results from all tracks
  3. Your accounts from all the tracks are synced by your email address - so make sure to use the same one everywhere.
  4. If your email has changed - ask the staff at the track to update your account details.


  1. Download the app from appstore or google play.
  2. Register a new account within the app. Make sure to use THE SAME email address that you used when you registered at the track.
  3. After few moments you should see your track(s) in the app.

Adding tracks

  1. When you visit another track using our software - just make sure to use the same email address when you register there.
  2. Your new track will be automagically recognized and added to your account.
  3. Within the app use the icon in the top-right corner to switch between tracks.